The advancement of biotechnology is based on developing a wide variety of reactions and functions of organisms, and it holds a clue for sustaining our lives and activities as well as solving world-wide posers.

  Professor Taya’s group is aiming at the contribution to QOL (quality of life), through the intensive researches concerning “health”, “foodstuff” and “environment”, grounding on the knowledge of Bioscience and Bioengineering.

  Proessor Sakai's group is aiming at the contribution to  QOL (quality of life), through the reseaches relating to biomedical and biopharmaceutical, based on the knowledge of Bioscience and Bioengineering.   

  The selected ongoing research topics are 

  1. Manufacturing of cultured human cells/tissues toward clinical application
  2. Designing biomaterials for biomedical and biopharmaceutical applications
  3. Desingning bioprocesses for biomedical and biopharmaceutical applications

  These reseaches have been doing with the students from forgein countries such as Newzealand, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Vietnam, etc.

Our lab is looking for international graduate students 

Master course/PhD course: You can choose a special program in English.   <Link>

Knowledge and skills in biomaterials are required. Taya and Sakai strongly advise you to read our papers before contacting us by email.  <For contact>

We especially welcome the students supported by Mext Scholarship.